About Us


Majestic Irrigation & Landscaping is a family-owned business. Started by Hector Ontiveros, who has over 30 years experience in the irrigation industry, Majestic Irrigation has been serving the Michiana community and beyond for more than 15 years and is now expanding to offer landscaping services and lawn maintenance, hardscapes (brick and stonework) and retaining walls, winterizations, fall cleanup, and snowplowing. 

Hector runs the day to day work projects with his characteristic charm and a no-nonsense approach to getting work done right the first time. Ricardo Ontiveros, Hector’s younger brother, has worked with him since the company started and is Hector’s right hand man. Ricardo is the Project Supervisor & Manager. Hector’s son, Cesar J began working with them at a young age and has had a direct impact on the growth of the company and their reputation for quality.

In the office, Mary and Jocelyn take charge of the business side of things, with help from Hector’s sister, Gaby Ontiveros. With their combined knowledge of business and design skills, they work to maintain quality customer relationships and are passionate about making the business successful for their family.

The Ontiveros family has lived in the South Bend area for more than 20 years. Hector started working from a very young age in California and has been dedicated to his craft as a lifelong passion. He started as an employee and little by little he worked his way up to supervisor after years of hard work. He eventually managed large irrigation and landscaping projects with 30 workers.

While still in California, he and Mary met and were married. They had their first three children—Cesar J, Jocelyn, and Stephanie.

Three months after Stephanie was born, the family traveled to South Bend with plans to start a business in Atlanta—they thought they’d only stay with family in the South Bend area for 6 months, because Hector didn’t like the Michiana winters; but Mary convinced him to stay because there were great opportunities with people they knew in the area. Once again, Hector worked for other companies, did great work and became a supervisor.

In 2002, he decided to start his own business. The first two years were very hard, and many people didn’t believe he could do it. The family was also growing—Linda was born in 2005. Little by little, he gained trust and respect for his excellent work and the business grew to where it is today. He credits this success to the support and contributions of many family members and friends in the South Bend area and knows that because of their contributions, Majestic Irrigation and Landscaping is a true family business in every sense.

Mary has worked to manage the finances since the beginning. With a growing client base, Jocelyn stepped in to help manage the office work as well—along with her contributions as a landscape designer with a degree in applied science of Environmental Design from Ivy Tech. (She’s also the mom of Santiago and Axel Hector and Mary are proud to be their grandparents!) 

Cesar J is also stepping in on the office side of the business—he began to focus on finances at Bethel College, where he earned his BS and MS and is working to get a CPA license from IUSB.

The family is also proud of the accomplishments of Stephanie and Linda. 

Stephanie was a dedicated student and athlete, and very organized her entire life. She got a full ride scholarship to Purdue. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, then went on to Indiana University Bloomington to get her Master’s Degree. She’s working to become a speech therapist, and is engaged!

Linda is 13 years old, she’s the life of the party in the Ontiveros family. She’s Hector’s “little girl” and has a heart for others. She’s a great athlete—soccer, basketball, and volleyball at Holy Family. She plans to attend Marian High School. She loves to act and wants to go to college like her siblings.